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CCTV Solution Bangalore
Posted On: 16/10/20 17:59
Comprehensive range of Advanced security and Surveillance Solutions from Smida Technologies


One of the biggest and most important advantages of having surveillance camera systems for home, offices and businesses is that you get to keep a close tab on the happenings even when you are not there. Whether you are checking on your parents, kids or pets at your home or your workers in the office, comprehensive surveillance system solutions brought to you by CP PLUS can effectively and efficiently take care of your needs.

Our extensive range of world-class CCTV IP camera equipment includes new generation CCTV management systems, network video recorders, video analytics and network cabling. Smida Technologies delivers end-to-end IP CCTV network solutions, including the integration and remodelling of existing CCTV systems. 


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Smida Technologies, Bangalore

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